A Medicaid Insurance Benefit
Serving the Counties of Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne.
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Noetic Health - Who We Are

Noetic Health is a fully licensed provider of Michigan's Maternal Infant Health program (MIHP). We exist to serve Pregnant women and Infants on Medicaid. Our care and services have one goal - to save the lives of babies and reduce infant mortality. We serve the counties of Genesee, Macomb, Oakland, and Clinton. We look forward to expanding even more in the future. MIHP is not like most other "programs" around. We are a Medicaid benefit provided by your health insurance. Our services are 100% covered and voluntary; you can stop at anytime. We will provide services right to your door step so you don't have to drive anywhere. If you wish, we can meet you at other locations if you desire. Our mission is to help you get the prenatal care and support you need, whether it is getting to the doctor, setting up an appointment, teaching abouth child birth, or finding a Pack-N-Play. Our clinicians (Registered Nurses, Licensed Social Workers, Dieticians, Infant Mental Health Specialists) will help you find and receive the assistance you need.

Our Promise and Commitment to You!

Noetic Health is not here to make sure "you are a good mom." We are not here to judge, or to force you to do anything. That is not what MIHP is nor what we are about. We are here to offer guidance... that you want and need. To spare you from endless hours on the internet looking for help or those hours on the phone and in lines only to learn... we are all out... or come back next time. As a Medicaid service, some of our clients are of lower income and have many challenges and needs. While there is no one service or program that can fix everything... we are proud to help provide relief and to make the gap in your daily life a little smaller. It is our privilege to serve you.

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